Businesses and Human Trafficking

Here’s a great piece on how companies contribute to and can stop participating in human trafficking.  You can also check out the human trafficking section at  David Arkless at Manpower has been a driving force around corporate social responsibility and human trafficking.  And, End Human Trafficking has special initiatives directed to the business community.  Everyone has a role to play in ending human trafficking.  You do too — see here for some ideas.

Join a Committee to Raise Your Voice for Gender Equity on Campus!

The Executive Branch of Student Government has released its application for appointments to external committees, which are comprised of students, faculty and staff who come together to discuss issues relevant to various areas of University policy. The short application is due Sept. 1. Having Carolina Women’s Center friends and supporters on these committees will help extend our voice even more strongly across campus! Consider applying to one of these committees today:

  • Campus Health Services Advisory Board: The Campus Health Services Advisory Board discusses issues concerning Campus Health Services and how it can better serve UNC students.  Some important issues discussed will be student insurance plan coverage, mandatory insurance, student satisfaction surveys and how to better inform students about services provided.
  • Committee on Student Conduct: The committee oversees the operation of the Honor System and provides recommendations for changing the Instrument.
  • Campus Personal Safety Committee: The committee discusses development, maintenance, and threats to personal safety policies and devices established to protect the well being of the UNC community.
  • Housing Advisory Board: The purpose of the committee is to handle issues and concerns of students about campus housing, as well as educate residents in areas of which the committee feels is necessary and/or appropriate.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Planning Committee
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Committee
  • Provost’s Committee on LGBTQ Life: The Provost’s Committee on LGBTQ Life at UNC-CH is charged with providing advice and counsel to the Provost on all matters related to LGBTQ concerns (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer). As part of our mission to help foster and sustain the quality of LGBTQ life in the University community, we are able to offer financial support for speakers, colloquia, performances, and other professional activities and innovative programs.
  • Sexual Harassment Advisory Board: The Harassment Advisory committee is charged with reviewing and updating the harassment policies and procedures in place, reviewing cases and complaints received, and providing updates to the campus community and the Vice Chancellor’s office.
  • SHARE Women’s Health and Safety: The committee works to advocate for survivors of sexual assault, including working to standardize procedures, reduce health care costs incurred by survivors through the Victims’ Assistance Program and collaborate on reporting processes through UNC  Campus Police. It also raises awareness about resources offered to survivors by Campus Health Services and UNC Hospitals.
  • Student Alcohol Advisory Committee: Campus Alcohol Task Force to address alcohol misuse and its consequences on the UNC community. The task force is charged with developing a comprehensive approach to education, prevention, and enforcement, as well as updating the campus alcohol policy. The task force has developed a Student Alcohol Advisory Committee, which will report to the Campus Alcohol Task Force as well as the University Administration, to provide student feedback and insight on the proposed changes.
  • Student Safety and Security Committee: The committee determines distribution of the Safety & Security Fee to students interested in starting safety initiatives on campus.

Women’s Equality Day

Happy Women’s Equality Day!  Thanks to Rep. Bella Abzug in 1971, Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day to draw attention to gender inequality.  August 26 was chosen in commemoration of the day the Nineteenth Amendment became law and women earned the right to vote.

Certainly we’ve made great strides toward gender equity since 1920 and 1971!  But there is still more to do.  Consider:  the gendered wage gap, high rates of gender based violence, women disproportionately underrepresented at the highest levels of politics, business, and higher education among other powerful institutions.

What can you do?  Learn more about the Paycheck Fairness Act, new efforts to pass the ERA, or about other issues that impact women and ways in which you might contribute to creating an equitable and inclusive world.

Welcome to the Fall 2011 semester!

Welcome to all incoming and returning students!!  The Carolina Women’s Center and its staff are excited to see you back on campus and eager to see what the next academic year holds for us all.

Over the summer our outgoing web genius, Nicole Kendrot, created our new website, created a new Project Safe – now, and created a new human trafficking website.  Check them out!  We’re thrilled at the expanded content and updated look of each of them.

Our September event calendar and fall programming guide will be posted and available shortly.  Visit our Mary Turner Lane Reading and Resource Room to browse our collection of print and dvd materials, or simply to hang out in the comfortable lounge.

Stay informed about CWC activities! “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @UNCWomensCtr, read our blog or subscribe to our weekly email at

EVENT: Brown Bag Film Series screening of “The Wire”

Brown Bag Film Series screening: “The Wire”
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
12-1:30 p.m.
039 Graham Memorial

In honor of the 2011 Frank Porter Graham Lecture, presented by writer/producer David Simon, our September screening will feature two episodes from Simon’s series, The Wire, that highlight one of the CWC’s key issues, the eradication of sex trafficking. The second season of the award-winning drama examines the plight of the blue-collar urban working class as exemplified by stevedores in the city port of Baltimore, as some of them get caught up in smuggling drugs and other contraband inside the containers that their port receives. Episodes 1 and 2 focus on Port Police Officer “Beadie” Russell’s discovery of a container holding the bodies of over a dozen young women inside. Co-sponsored by the James M. Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence and the Carolina Women’s Center.

Expanded Human Trafficking Webpage

I am so pleased to announce that our new and improved human trafficking website is live.  Check us out at for information about the anti-human trafficking movement in North Carolina and a host of resources for researchers.  We’re still cleaning up a little of the data, but I didn’t want to wait to release the information.

Thanks to our former web genius, Nicole Kendrot, for all her creativity and hard work on this.  Thanks as well to Dr. Pam Lach, who proposed the idea of creating a research database in the first place, and recruited and managed the team who developed the data.  Thanks also to Christine Abernathy, our 2011 Spring Apples intern, who put the finishing touches on this database, as well as compiling an annotated bibliography of the human trafficking resources available in the CWC’s Mary Turner Lane Reading & Resource Room.

I hope you find it useful.


Check out the new and vastly improved Project Safe website:

You’ll find all kinds of information about interpersonal violence prevention, education, advocacy, training and support.

Thanks to Nicole Kendrot, Ashley Fogle and Kelli Raker for all their hard work on this site – as well as for their creativeness, imagination, content knowledge and just plain smarts.