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Chapel Hill, N.C. – The Carolina Women’s Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announces its Faculty Scholars for the 2013–2014 academic year.  Dr. Karen Booth from the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Dr. Lauren Leve from the Department of Religious Studies, and Dr. Jan Bardsley from the Department of Asian Studies have been awarded funding under the CWC Faculty Scholars Program.  They will all present the findings from their research in the spring of 2014.

Dr. Booth will be finishing her book manuscript entitled Risky Conceptions? A Queer Feminist History of the Reproductive Politics of HIV/AIDS.  This work is a multi-disciplinary cultural history of biomedical, policy, and popular and activist discourses about pregnancy, abortion, and childbirth among women with or at “high risk” of getting HIV/AIDS in the United States and in sub-Saharan Africa.  This project also makes significant contributions to research and teaching about the body, knowledge production, and the politics of science, sexuality and reproduction.

Dr. Leve will be working on her ethnography entitled “What Can I Do With This Much Suffering?” Violence, Development, and Gendered Practices of Freedom in Nepal.  This book-length ethnography examines the relationships between the rise of women’s empowerment as a mainstream international development goal, the participation of many newly “empowered” women in an armed struggle against the Nepal state, and how many of these same women converted from Hinduism to Christianity.  Her project takes firsthand experiences of women’s struggles that can be used to understand and combat gender-based violence.

Dr. Jan Bardsley will complete research and interviews in Japan for her book Millennial Beauty: Pageants, Protest, and Precarity in Japan.  The book examines the revival of major beauty pageants for women, the rise of contests for men and transsexual beauties, and criticism of pageants in fiction, comics, and online.  Exploring constructions of gender, race, and sexuality on the pageant runway, Millennial Japan asks what it means to be a citizen in Japan today.

The Faculty Scholars program is funded through the Office of the Provost.  The Faculty Scholars Selection Committee is comprised of Dr.  Joanne Hershfield (Department of Women’s and Gender Studies), Dr. Rachel Seidman (Southern Oral History Program), Dr. Mimi Chapman (School of Social Work), and Christi Hurt (Carolina Women’s Center).

The Carolina Women’s Center pursues gender equity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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