Faculty Scholars Grant

The CWC awards three grants of up to $10,000 each to support a scholarly project consistent with the priorities of the Carolina Women’s Center. In addition, scholars have the opportunity to participate in CWC events and to meet with CWC staff, former CWC Faculty Scholars, and invited scholars from other centers and departments.

Proposed projects may focus on teaching, research, engaged scholarship, or service that is directly related to the mission and activity areas of the Carolina Women’s Center:

The Center’s mission is to create an inclusive education and work environment where gender is not a barrier to success, difference and diversity are celebrated, and everyone is safe to live, learn, teach, and work without threat of harm or unequal treatment.

The activities of the Carolina Women’s Center focus on issues central to students, faculty, and staff on college and university campuses, including Violence Prevention, Family Advocacy, Closing Gender Gaps, and Gender, Difference, and Diversity.

Application: Submit the following materials  via email to clarecounihan[at]unc.edu by 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 20, 2017. (This deadline has been extended.)

  • The complete applicant information form (pdf and MS Word)
  • A full CV
  • A description of your project (3 single-space pages maximum)
  • A 1-page budget (not included in 3-page project description limit)
  • Letter of endorsement from your chair/director/dean (this requirement has changed slightly; please see application for more detail)

Requirements of Faculty Scholars: Faculty Scholars must make a public presentation about their project or their work-in-progress during the award semester and write a column about their work for the CWC newsletter. They are encouraged to participate in CWC programs and activities and to assist in planning other events related to the subject of their scholarly activity at the Center.

Timeline: A call for applications is issued each fall to all faculty for the following academic year, with applications due early in Spring semester. Scholars are selected by a committee comprised of three faculty members from various disciplines and are generally announced at the end of the Spring semester. Funds are provided to the faculty member’s home department at the beginning of the award fiscal year.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria. Proposals are welcome from all full-time faculty (fixed-term, tenured, or tenure-track) and from part-time faculty with at least a .5FTE appointment, regardless of gender identity or expression. Applicants should have a minimum of three years of faculty employment by the start of the grant in any department, center or school of the University. Applicants must have endorsement from their chair, director, or dean that describes how the project will contribute to the applicant’s career development. 
A committee of faculty appointed by the Director of the Carolina Women’s Center will review applications and provide recommendations to the Director. Applications will be judged on the basis of the following:

Relationship between the project and CWC mission and activities
Significance of the project
Potential of the project to engage other campus units or foster interdisciplinary 
Leaves during the past three years
Availability of other support for the proposed project.

Please contact Clare Counihan, the Programming Coordinator for Faculty and Staff, with questions about the application or process.