Gifts & Giving

Giving to the CWC

The CWC is working to create an educational work environment where gender is not a barrier to success, difference and diversity are celebrated, and everyone is free to live, learn, teach, and work without threat of unequal treatment. If you believe in our vision, send your gift today. Your contribution helps us make a difference!



  1. Visit the Carolina Development website.
  2. Select “Carolina Women’s Center” as the Fund.
  3. Complete your information and confirm!


CWC General Support, including funding for programming, #6052

Contributions to this account provide funding for programming and daily functions of the Center;  contributions allow us to cosponsor programs with other campus units, and assist in enhancing resources at the CWC.

Thank you for your support of the Carolina Women’s Center and our initiatives. We appreciate your generosity in helping us do our work to empower women and promote their equality in all spheres of life.

If you’d like to give by check, make sure you mail it to the following address, after completing the appropriate forms on the Carolina Development website:

P.O. Box 309
Chapel Hill, NC 27514