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Women and Leadership for Social Change

The Moxie Project is a collaboration between the Carolina Women’s Center, the Southern Oral History Program, the Women and Gender Studies Department, the History Department, and the Office of the Provost.  The Moxie Project is a combined academic and community engagement project that aims to place UNC students who have completed coursework in women’s activism with community organizations for summer internships to help them develop their own sense of activism and community engagement.

In additional to an internship project, students will gain training in oral history will collect a series of oral histories about the creation and early work of local organizations in order to inform the Southern Oral History Program’s work on women’s movement in the south.

Students who participate in the Moxie Project should be first, second, or third-year students at UNC who are interested in engaging on issues of gender equity and organizing in the community.  Students should be self-motivated, hard-working, and eager to engage in community organizing.  Students need not have completed any specific coursework prior to joining the Moxie cohort, but should be willing to commit to taking the spring 2014 Course “The Struggle Continues: Women of Color in Contemporary U.S. Social Movements,” taught by Dr. Michele Berger (WGST 368).

The complete Moxie Project in 2014 will include participation in WGST 368, and then a 6-8 week long internship in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area at organizations that advocate on a wide range of gender equity issues.  Participating students will engage in an ongoing summer seminar/discussion series and will receive a small living stipend.  Students will also participate in a Fall 2014 informal discussion and seminar series to conclude their Moxie experience.  Students will have a number of opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with Duke University’s Moxie Project as well.

Students selected to participate in the Moxie Project will be notified about their acceptance in December 2013 (deadline to apply is November 15, 2013).

For more information or to apply to be a part of the 2014 cohort, please checkout the Moxie Project website.

To apply to be a Moxie Internship Placement Site, please fill out the application here.


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