Combating Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is becoming increasingly visible as a global and local crime and a human rights violation. We are engaged in supporting efforts to apprehend and prosecute traffickers, to identify and provide support to victim-survivors, to increase community awareness, and to end demand. Toward this end we are:

Actively building and participating in campus, local, and state-level partnerships and coalitions

Talk by Trafficking Scholar Jay Silverman

Trafficking scholar Jay Silverman from the Harvard School of Public Health speaks during an October 2010 talk at Carolina.

  • We are a member of the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking (formerly known as RIPPLE)
  • We are a member of NC Stop Human Trafficking, a statewide coalition of individuals and community and faith-based groups working to end human trafficking across North Carolina through advocacy, volunteer support, and prevention and risk reduction efforts.
  • We collaborate with CAST (Carolina Against Slavery and Trafficking), a student organization working to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Designing curricula and offering training and presentations to educate, inform and raise awareness

  • Past center staff helped write and publish the NCCAHT training manual, available electronically at
  • We are a member of the NCCAHT training team and, as such, have provided multiple professional trainings, as well as presentations to campus and community groups.
  • North Carolina Justice Academy Law Enforcement Training: Human trafficking is one of the “departmental topics of choice” for 2011 law enforcement in-service training. We co-facilitated 6 train-the-trainer sessions, and 99 certified law enforcement trainers, for this curriculum. In addition, human trafficking training is now a mandatory part of the Basic Law Enforcement Training Curriculum. North Carolina is one of the first states in the country to require new officers to be educated about human trafficking. The CWC was one of three NCCAHT members who developed a North Carolina-specific training film for this curriculum.
  • NCCAHT is conducting outreach to other professional groups to offer training on human trafficking or curriculum development assistance.

Catalyzing and facilitating research on human trafficking

Research Posters at the 2008 Sex Trafficking Conference

Research posters at the 2008 Sex Trafficking conference.

  • The CWC hosted two major conferences on sex trafficking in 2006 and 2008, as well as some smaller symposia.
  • We organized and facilitated the Working Group for Research on (Sex) Trafficking, an inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary working group for scholars at all levels interested in pursuing research on sex trafficking that includes scholars at all levels.
  • We created the website  A team of undergraduate and graduate students and an APPLES intern developed a database of resources for researchers which is available on this site.