The Moxie Project

The Moxie Project is a combined academic and community engagement project that aims to place UNC students who have completed coursework in women’s activism with community organizations for summer internships to help them develop their own sense of activism and community engagement.

The Moxie Project at UNC is a selective, innovative, engaged curricular program in women’s history and activism that deeply connects scholarship and hands-on learning.

Co-sponsored by the Carolina Women’s Center, the Southern Oral History Program, the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, the History Department, and supported by the Provost’s Office, the Moxie Project offers students an exciting and challenging introduction to the long history of the women’s movement and their own relationship to its current state, and contributes to the research, teaching and outreach missions of the University.

Undergraduates at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill apply to participate, and those chosen take a spring semester course about the history of women’s leadership and activism.  Moxie Scholars learn oral history methodology, and undertake interviews with local activists, which are then deposited in the Southern Oral History Program’s collection. For eight weeks in the summer, students intern in women’s organizations in the Research Triangle, and meet weekly for an ongoing seminar in which they reflect on their week’s work, discuss related readings and meet with the staff of the organizations to hear more about their work. Each student receives a stipend to support them during the summer, so that they can focus their attention on the program. Through this integrated academic and experiential program, students develop their leadership skills and deepen their engagement with the state of North Carolina.






Kennedy Bridges

Kennedy is a sophomore psychology major from Rocky Mount, NC. She is interested in sexual violence prevention and treatment of PTSD. In her free time, she works with One Act and the Order of the Bell Tower. She loves cooking, football, and watching documentaries.




Kaila Eckstein

Kaila is a junior double majoring in Public Policy and Political Science with a minor in Social and Economic Justice. She’s from Asheville, NC and misses home the most in the fall when the leaves are changing. She loves cats, active bystander prevention, and rewatching the same series on Netflix repetitively.




Kaitlin Galindo

Kaitlin is a sophomore Public Relations and Political Science double major with a History minor from Fairfax, VA. Kaitlin is involved with advocacy on campus through the Campus Y. Kaitlin spends way too much time watching Netflix and eating avocados, but she sometimes enjoys dancing, playing soccer, and knitting.



Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 6.00.59 PMSuad Jabr

A sophomore studying Women’s and Gender Studies, Geography, and Arabic from Greenville, NC, Suad is deeply interested in understanding how the world works. When not working or schooling, Suad enjoys reading zines and sci-fi comic books, watching documentaries, and giving friends free haircuts.





Mary Margaret “Marge” Wright

Marge is a first-year from Rome, GA who is intending to major in biochemistry. When she’s not studying, she enjoys playing piano, reading, running, and any sort of water-based exercise.






Catherine Valentine

Catherine is a junior Political Science major and Hispanic Studies minor from Philadelphia, PA. She is excited to be back in Chapel Hill after spending a semester in Spain, to continue working for the Carolina For The Kids Foundation and performing with Blank Canvas Dance Company. Outside of class, Catherine also enjoys reading, trying new food, and meeting everyone’s pets.




Make a Gift to the Carolina Women’s Center here and select “Moxie Project” as the fund.

Students who participate in the Moxie Project should be first, second, or third-year students at UNC who are interested in engaging on issues of gender equity and organizing in the community.  Students should be self-motivated, hard-working, and eager to engage in community organizing.  Students need not have completed any specific coursework prior to joining the Moxie cohort, but should be willing to commit to taking the spring Moxie course.

The complete Moxie Project will include participation in a spring course, and then a 6-8 week long internship in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area at organizations that advocate on a wide range of gender equity issues. Participating students will engage in an ongoing summer seminar/discussion series and will receive a small living stipend. Students will have a number of opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with Duke University’s Moxie Project as well.

Students selected to participate in the Moxie Project will be notified about their acceptance in early November.

Keep an eye out for the 2018 Moxie Scholar application; it will open in October 2017.

*The Moxie Project is a collaboration between the Carolina Women’s Center, the Southern Oral History Program, the Women and Gender Studies Department, and the Office of the Provost.