University Awards for the Advancement of Women

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill presented the four University Awards for the Advancement of Women for 2021.

This year, four individuals– one faculty member, one staff member, one undergraduate, and one graduate/professional student or postdoctoral scholar–were selected to receive these awards. The faculty and staff recipients each received $5000. Each undergraduate student award and graduate/professional student/postdoctoral scholar award was $2500. Awardees were honored in a ceremony on Monday, March 8th, 2021.  


Previous award winners:

2021: Meet the 2021 UAAW Winners                                                                                                                                                         2020: Anna Manocha, Shannon Leigh Speer, Amelia Fischer-Drake, Valerie Tan                                                                                        2019: Sarah Birken, DeVetta Holman-Copeland, Leah Bowers, Jennifer Fulton, Grace Langley                                                                2018: Marcey Waters, Erica Wallace, Katrina Morgan, Francesca Bernardi, Emily Hagstrom
2017: Susan Girdler, Beatriz Riefkohl Muniz, Olivia Bass, Kaylee Llewellyn
2016: Sheila Kannappan, Jackie Overton, Mary Shen, Leslie Gabriela Morales
2015: Carmen Samuel-Hodge, Terri Phoenix, Maegan Clawges
2014: Karen Booth, Donna Bickford, Audrey Rose Verde
2013: Jenny Ting, Kelli Raker, Camille McGirt
2012: Sherryl Kleinman, Bev Pearson, Allison Grady
2011: Lillie Searles, Bob Pleasants, Caroline Fish
2010: Laurie McNeil, Melinda Manning, Parastoo Hashemi
2009: Etta Pisano, Aimee Krans, Annie Clark
2008: Kay Lund, Cookie Newsom, Emily Joy Rothchild
2007: Barbara Harris, Annette Madden, Emily Dunn,
2006: Jan Boxill, Terri Houston, Matt Ezzell

Carolina Women’s Center Women’s Advocacy Award

The Carolina Women’s Center Women’s Advocacy Award was initiated in 2001 and initially recognized faculty and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who made a substantial contribution to the climate for gender equity on campus as a result of their leadership in advocating for women. Additional award categories were added in 2010, and awards are currently given in three categories: faculty/staff, postdoctoral scholars/professional and graduate students, and undergraduate students. All members of the campus community are eligible for nomination, regardless of gender, gender identity, or gender expression.

Process: Nominations are generally solicited early in the spring semester. Award recipients are selected by a committee. Awards are usually presented in conjunction with a CWC program during the spring semester. Award recipients receive a plaque and their names are added to a display at the CWC.

Former award recipients:
2011: Susan Harbage Page, Leah Josephson
2010: Kevin Jeffay, Priya Desai
2009: No awards given
2008: Lillie Searles
2007: Sherryl Kleinman
2006: Cynthia Bulik
2005: Jan Boxill
2004: Carol Lautier
2003: Etta Pisano
2002: Laura Gasaway
2001: Mary Turner Lane

Association of Women Faculty and Professionals Mary Turner Lane Award

Carolina Women’s Leadership Council Faculty Mentoring Awards