Faculty Scholars Program

The Carolina Women’s Center (CWC) offers UNC-Chapel Hill faculty an opportunity to serve as Faculty Scholar at the CWC for one academic year. The CWC Faculty Scholar works on a research project for publication, presentation, exhibition, composition or performance that is related to the mission and and/or activities of the Carolina Women’s Center. Projects that have the potential to engage other campus units and/or students are especially favorably considered.

Scholars receive funding of up to $10,000 to support their project, and they have the opportunity to participate in CWC events and to meet with CWC staff, former CWC Faculty Scholars and invited scholars from other centers/departments. They also make a public presentation about their project during the award semester and write a column about their work for the CWC newsletter.

Find more information about the grant and application HERE.

Current Faculty Scholars (2019-2020)


Dr. Sarah Birken (left), Dr. Mara Buchbinder (center), and Dr. Whitney Robinson (right) received the grant for “AcaDames: A Service Project to Stimulate Dynamic Conversations and Community around Women in Academia.” The grant will support the second season of the AcaDames podcast, which seeks “to better understand the causes, consequences, and sequelae of the leaky pipeline of women in academia.” Their “objectives are to stimulate dynamic, interdisciplinary, cross-campus conversations and to build community, modeling strategies for success and well-being, sharing the hidden curriculum widely with women who may lack local mentoring and centering the voices of women scholars.” Dr. Birken is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management in Gillings School of Global Public Health, Dr. Buchbinder is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Medicine in the School of Medicine, and Dr. Robinson is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology in Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Dr. Marc Callahan’s project, “As One: Understanding Our Differences through Opera,” will stage a production of Laura Kaminsky’s chamber opera As One with Carolina Performing Arts in February. This opera tells the story of a sole transgender protagonist (Hannah) as she recounts her experiences from adolescence to self-discovery in adulthood. Dr. Callahan will perform the role of Hannah Before and soprano Melina Jaharis will perform the role of Hannah After alongside director Tracy Bersley and the new music ensemble earspace. The cast and creative team are planning a workshop on the Process Series in October with the composer, librettists, and members of the local transgender community. The project will also engage students in Callahan’s classes and will host post-performance discussions between audiences and actors. Dr. Callahan is an Assistant Professor of Music in the College of Arts and Sciences.

A Perfect Match? Gender and Racial Discrimination during Upward, Downward, and Lateral Job Mobility,” Dr. Kate Weisshaar’s project, examines whether fictitious job applicants’ over- , under- , or equivalent qualification for a job position impacts the race- and gender- based discrimination that research has already shown that job applicants experience. The proposed study attempts to “move past” the “roadblock” of “understanding … how discrimination levels vary by candidates’ relative qualifications.” Dr. Weisshaar is an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences.




Previous Faculty Scholars

Please (when possible) click on the award year to see a description of that year’s projects.

2018-2019: Dr. Rebecca Kreitzer (Public Policy), Drs. Melissa Munn-Chernoff and Jessica Baker (Psychiatry), Dr. Sarah Treul Roberts (Political Science)
2017-2018: Dr. Melissa Geil (Kenan-Flagler Business School), Dr. Barbara Friedman (School of Media and Journalism), Dr. Liana Richardson (Sociology)
2016-2017: Dr. Elizabeth Dickinson (Kenan-Flagler Business School), Dr. Michelle T. King (History), Dr. Kavita Singh Ongechi (Gillings School of Public Health), Dr. Michelle Rivkin-Fish (Anthropology)
2015-2016: Dr. Jocelyn Chua (Anthropology), Dr. Tanya Shields (Women’s and Gender Studies), Dr. Kumarini Silva (Communications)
2014-2015: Dr. Joanne Hershfield (Department of Women’s and Gender Studies), Susan Harbage Page (Department of Women’s and Gender Studies), Dr. Mary H. Palmer (School of Nursing)
2013-2014: Dr. Karen Booth (Department of Women’s and Gender Studies), Dr. Jan Bardsley (Department of Asian Studies), Dr. Lauren Leve (Department of Religious Studies)
Spring 2013: Dr. Nadia Yaqub (Department of Asian Studies)
Fall 2012: Dr. Emily Burrill (Department of Women’s and Gender Studies)
Spring 2012: Dr. Minrose Gwin (Department of English and Comparative Literature)
Fall 2011: Dr. Miriam Labbok (School of Public Health)
Spring 2011: Dr. Sahar Amer (Department of Asian Studies)
Fall 2010: Dr. Mimi Chapman (School of Social Work)
Spring 2010: Dr. Rebecca Macy (School of Social Work)
Fall 2009: Dr. Pika Ghosh (Department of Art)
Spring 2009: Dr. Jeanne Moskal (Department of English and Comparative Literature)
Fall 2008: Dr. Kia Caldwell (Department of African and Afro-American Studies)
Spring 2008: Dr. Ming Lin (Department of Computer Science)
Fall 2007: Professor Francesca Talenti (Department of Communication Studies)
Spring 2007: Dr. Kimberly Brownley (Department of Psychiatry) and Dr. Maxine Eichner (School of Law)
Spring 2006: Professor Diane Kjervik, Senior CWC Faculty Scholar (School of Nursing)