Haven Training

HAVEN Program

HAVEN (Helping Advocates for Violence Ending Now) is a collaboration between the Equal Opportunity & Compliance Office, the Carolina Women’s Center, the Office of the Dean of Students, and Student Wellness. It provides students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows with tools to be an ally to someone who has experienced sexual or interpersonal (relationship) violence or stalking. The three-hour training emphasizes the importance of listening, responding compassionately, and connecting survivors to resources on campus and in the community.

After successfully completing the HAVEN training, participants will receive a placard that can be displayed on their office door, residence hall room door, laptop, or backpack. This visibility of trained community members helps send a message to the campus that our community cares!

UNC-Chapel Hill has partnered with EverFi, whose mission, in part, is to help educate students about sexual assault and relationship violence prevention in high schools and higher education institutions across the country. EverFi has designed an online, research-based program, also called Haven, which allows students to learn about important prevention skills and strategies. This online module is separate from the in-person HAVEN training.

Please Note: All students who sign up to attend HAVEN in-person training must first complete the EverFi online Haven module. Instructions on how to complete this module are available on the HAVEN registration page, which requires an onyen sign-in.

Follow this link to the registration page to sign up for a training. If no spaces are available, please check back later for more openings. Trainings are announced each semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the training? What if I can’t stay for the whole thing?

HAVEN trainings are three (3) hours long. Participants are required to arrive on time and stay for the entire training. We have found that participants coming late or leaving early is very disruptive to others in the training.

Q: How do I register?

Follow this link to the registration page to sign up for a training. If no spaces are available, please check back later for more openings. Trainings are announced each semester.

Q: Training times span my usual lunch/dinner hour! Will there be food?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide food for trainings, but we want you to be comfortable. Feel free to bring food/snacks and drinks as needed. There will be short breaks in the training, and those are good times for snacks.

Q: No location is listed for my training date. How will I know where to go?

You will be notified of the training location approximately 24-48 business hours. All trainings are located on the UNC-Chapel Hill main campus.

Q: Who attends HAVEN?

Any member of the Carolina community is welcome to participate in HAVEN training. We have developed separate workshops for students and faculty/staff.

Q: I am a graduate student. Do I attend the student training or the faculty/staff training?

We frequently offer trainings especially for graduate students, recognizing the unique role you play as students and teachers. If you do not see a grad student date listed, you can choose to attend the student OR faculty/staff training.

Q: I completed HAVEN training but have lost / have not yet received my door sign. Who should I contact?

If you have questions about your door sign, send an email to haven@unc.edu.

Have more questions? Need more information? Contact haven@unc.edu.


Adrienne Allison

Title IX Associate Coordinator
Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office
(919) 962-7177