The Moxie Project

The Moxie Project is a combined academic and community engagement project that aims to place UNC students who have completed coursework in women’s activism with community organizations for summer internships in order to help them develop their own sense of activism and community engagement.

The Moxie Project at UNC is a selective, innovative, engaged curricular program in women’s history and activism that deeply connects scholarship and hands-on learning.

Undergraduates at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill apply to participate, and those chosen take a spring semester course about women’s leadership and activism.  For eight weeks in the summer, students intern in women’s organizations, nonprofits, and municipalities in the Research Triangle, and meet weekly for seminars in which they reflect on their week’s work, discuss related readings, and meet with the staff of the organizations to hear more about their work. Each student receives a stipend to support them during the summer, so that they can focus their attention on the program. Through this integrated academic and experiential program, students develop their leadership skills and deepen their engagement with the state of North Carolina.

Please email us with any questions about the program or application process.

Make a Gift to the Carolina Women’s Center here and select “Moxie Project” as the fund.